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Nokia v Apple

If Nokia were running the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, New Orleans would be 20 feet above sea level by now.


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Airport Cars Taxi in West Finchley N12 – Reviews & Official Contact Details except it looks like no one in the neighbourhoud has been to the airport yet... (tags: taxi, reviews , review)


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Experimental: ARIA enabled pages: from T.V Raman on 2007-09-06 ( from September 2007) Interesting snippet from Google re ARIA (tags: wia ARIA accessibility)


More shit on my plate…

As I sit here in the middle of the night orchestrating the organised sacrifice of my current project’s design quality and integrity on the altar of technocratic mismanagement I am amazed and confused, once again, ...


Never mind intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe…

…I have four fivers in my wallet. When was the last time anyone actually had one–let alone four–fivers in their wallet?!

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Visible Technologies : TruView Introduction (tags: influence monitoring social media)


Shut up and let the guy answer the question…

Robert, this is really interesting stuff, shut up and let the guy answer the question:-)

The BT thing is hotting up again

Wow, comments are pouring in on the old is BT still shit? post. One guy even gave an update twice today.

Skype wants to be nice to me

You know, I was gonna comment on the Skype blog Heartbeat (no, not on the bit where if they had decided to use computers equipped with a proper operating system their crash and subsequent total meltdown wouldn’t h...

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dirtybird artists >> Claude VonStroke : DJ/Producer/Owner (tags: music downloads mp3)


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Note Taking: A Beginner's Guide to Mind Mapping Meetings - Lifehacker another mind-mapping explanation


It’s getting crazy in France

Do you work in an office? Look around your floor, on any given day, how many of those sharp-suited and VO5-ed younger people are interns. Or roughly, what percentage of your co-workers are contractors, interns, ap...

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Asbestos Services, Blues Consultants, Asbestos Management, Asbestos Consultancy having the garage checked for asbestos dust (tags: asbestos) Manestream Ltd - Inspection Services having the garage checked ...


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jQuery Taconite Plugin multiple simultaneous responses from a single ajax call (tags: ajax data javascript jquery programming web xhtml xml)


CU-1 fait de la bicyclette sans roulettes!

Well, I didn’t have the camera with me but this morning we put the pedals on the bicycle and CU-1 pedaled away. She can ride a bike, yay!


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FactoryCity » WordPressMU: Making a smart platform choice Chris Messina takes a look at reasons to ditch .Net (tags: community tools)


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jquery.grid.rowSizing tr manipulation in a percentage size table (tags: jquery table javascript)


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InnerFade with jquery nice fader allows for lightbox, slideshow newsticker etc (tags: web2.0 jquery interface ajax animation javascript)


Quote of the day

This has gotta be my quote for the day:-)

iPhone SIM unlock

After DVD John’s first iPhone hack the elusive SIM unlock comes one step closer:-) - Hackers saw through iPhone AT&T shackles

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Table inspector, Fangs and Foxy voice » xhtml | css | Design ...still searching for that elusive online Jaws emulator, could this be it? (tags: accessibility extensions firefox screenreader emulator) elect...


Facebook look and feel

One of the things I’m enjoying about facebook is the complete lack of rounded corners in the interface:-)

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JS-Kit: Free comments, ratings and more... lightweight js comment system - haven't tried it but the guy from Lifehacker uses it on his blog... (tags: collaboration javascript opensource comments) » OUTRAG...


DVD John cracks the iPhone

Wey hey, a sim unlock for iPhone is on it’s way… DVD John has already made an activation server so network-free landscape iPods might be just around the corner…

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So sue me » Blog Archive » iPhone Independence Day pushing for an iPhone sim unlock (tags: mobile hacks iphone software technology tools) Main Page - The iPhone Dev Wiki more iPhone unlocking including an...


Gettin friendly on the Eurostar

So you know how us whitey westerners travel in the tight confines of buses trains and tubes? You know how the position of a foot or a leg, the degree of but-brush and so on can really make a difference in the pers...

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JGoodies :: Java User Interface Design sample interfaces for Backup (tags: backup oodrive) JIDE Software - Downloads - Swing Component Library more backup stuff (tags: oodrive)


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do.Oh on the iPhone on Flickr - Photo Sharing! a to-do list app that not only plays nicely with facebook and twitter but runs as a safari 'app' on the iPhone:-) (tags: iPhone software)


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Daring Fireball: iPhone First Impressions (tags: iphone mobile mac reviews review technology design apple)


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Les bonnes tables sur la route de vos vacances could comme in handy this summer... (tags: food resto vacances holidays)


They are the ultimate gift of love

Last year I built a couple of sites for a guy that I frequently collaborate with. The sites talk about diamonds, the diamond industry and luxury more generally.

More nonsense from BT

More activity on the old Is BT still shit? post. A chap called Carlos has left a comment about his experience with BT and it sounds pretty spectacular…