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INVDR fabulous typographic experiments. Jonathon is an art student in Ontario (tags: type typography, technology illustration robots helvetica, gallery design art fun)


Future of Web Design, London 2008

Well, the afternoon was pretty good too, but with a dead powerbook battery and no charger I ended up sending commentary via Twitter.

links for 2008-04-16 thankyou @scobleizer (tags: @scobleizer tinyurl)


links for 2008-04-13

Free UK PAYE Income Tax Calculator 2008. Updated for 2008 / 2009 budget. Useful (tags: tax taxes IR35 contracting)


Blast from the musical past

Have started using the old ipod again (8G on the phone just doesn’t do it) and bumped into this:

links for 2008-04-09

Quake 3 hits the iPod touch, makes for portable LAN party - EngadgetOh my yes, oh yes oh yes :-)(tags: quake gaming games ipod iphone game) Heading East: Lies I’ve told my 3 year old recentlyCU-1, y’a des trucs...

d me

Recently, on my tweet feed:

links for 2008-04-08

Your personal wiki. | StikiPad. yes, it's yet another wiki host. This one kudosed by the 6a design guy... (tags: blogging blogs blog service services social socialsoftware software mt)


links for 2008-04-07

Segala (tags: accessibility blog mobile web2.0 WebDesign online web)


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Groundswell (Incorporating Charlene Li's Blog): blogger's code of ethics (tags: blog blogging blogs business code corporate ethics guidelines journalism) s5l8900:pwnage [iPhone Dev Team] I love it that th...


Bob Lutz is going for the brass ring

Wow, you know, I don’t normally read Bob Lutz’s stuff over at the GM FastLane Blog which is odd because I quote the blog to clients all the time. Just took a peek today and saw this:

links for 2008-04-03

THE MEDIA BUSINESS: Advertising; No Winners in Lord, Geller Split - New York Times On Thursday night, employees and alumni of Lord, Geller, Federico, Einstein will meet at Mr. O's to reminisce about the advert...


Boris couldn’t make it

So Billy got tickets to the Timeout mayoral hustings at the UCL union tonight.

links for 2008-04-02

The Guardian ditches Phorm | The Register (tags: evil) Seed Conference | Chicago | 6 June 2008 I'm so going to this :-) And check out that beautiful use of Times Roman (tags: times, times roman, coudal, d...


links for 2008-04-01

ProNet Vox Community Group on Vox (tags: mt)


Charging for wi-fi?

The DVD format is a fiasco born out of a desire to control the way customers consume the products they buy.

links for 2008-03-29

mysql training course - creating tables in mysql - mysql create table command - mysql select database I so need a mysql course right now... (tags: upgrades blogging mt)


Thanks David -- -)

A nice man called David tweeted me yesterday with a link to a video of Russell Davies talking about interestingness, size and creativity. In the video, Russell refers to a project I did a couple of years ago for B...

links for 2008-03-22

OpenSocial - Google Code (tags: api apps collaboration community data design google mashup javascript network networking reference ria socialsoftware social software standards tech web2.0 webapps widgets xml)


Hello BT engineer

Hey, we’ve just had a long and very informative post from Matt, a Luton-based Openreach engineer. I hope this really is an engineer speaking and not some perverse item from a ‘guerilla marketing’ agency subverting...

links for 2008-03-18

RFC 1925 (rfc1925) - The Twelve Networking Truths ahh memories... (tags: networking network web internetCulture Internet_Culture)


links for 2008-03-14

How To: Speed Up Sleep Mode on MacBooks (tags: macbook sleep hack)


links for 2008-03-12

Glitchee (tags: music gravatar) independence - Google Code (tags: activation apple apps code installer iPhone mac osx reference sim unlock tools)


links for 2008-03-07

iPhone Dev Center (Updated) (tags: technology software iPhone) Java examples (example source code) Organized by topic (tags: javascript resource code)


CU-1 passe son examen de ballet

OK ma p’tite puce je te souhaite bon courage pour ton examen :-)

In our story,

links for 2008-03-05

The Best People Search Tools: Find Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Social Security Numbers (tags: privacy) Granma (yacht) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: fidel hastalavitoriasempre) The Saul Bas...


Things I’m missing about France

Well, this morning I’ve noticed a couple:


links for 2008-03-03

Peter Callesen Not sure what it is but it's sure purty (thanks Thibaut) (tags: art fun)


links for 2008-03-01

Presidential Hopefuls Spending Little On Web Ads. Why? Social Networking. Though the battle for the Oval Office is turning out to be the most engaging in recent history, online ad sales for the campaigns of Ba...


Apoa shoots CU-1

So CU-1’s cousin Apoa is learning Photoshop in art class:-) Check out this montage she asked CU-1 to sit for.


links for 2008-02-28

Dutch boffin calls RIAA expert 'borderline incompetent' - The INQUIRER Oh yes, oh yes: "With what can only be described as a good dose of Dutch courage, Delft University's Assistant Professor Johan Pouwelse, d...


links for 2008-02-22

Channel 13 staff absolutely no idea what this is all about but check out these fantastic employee portraits from the seventies (found on a search for persona inspiration) (tags: personas 70s)


iPhone syncing

Question: why does my iPhone not sync automatically (or even manually) with with my Powerbook via wifi when both are on the same network and iTunes is running (hell, why isn’t their a syncd process running in the ...


Dialogue, access, transparency

I’ve been following the birth of the Tesla roadster and this morning Scobble twittered his test drive in the first production car with the company CEO. Things have really been moving along and the Tesla Motors web...

Zero value

Get ready for a crackdown on broadband use