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On Sunday, January 27, 2002, at 10:54 AM, josé-antionio sobrino reineke wrote:


OK the stylesheet is being tampered with a lot today – mea culpa. Apologies for purple type on purple background;-) Actually, the current scheme was created by Nicki, for a wall in our flat…

Drifting further into uncharted web typography

Ok so now the width of this column is defined as thirty times the width of a monospaced character. If you zoom your browser’s type-size settings in and out, the width of the column should expand and contract such ...

Mahir Çağrı

I wonder what he’s up to these days…

In the best of early internet memes,

Fair fa yer honest sonsi face

Great chieftan o the puddin race. Have you learnt your poems? We’re off to Billy and Ohna’s tonight, and by the time the cron job that posts these things runs I hope to be largely whisky :-)

Diary - Saturday 26 January

Hilda and husband came round to look at the flat (Dug and Nicki live in a groovy two-bed flat in West End Lane in London - a flat that requires some serious work that Dug was supposed to deal with but didn’t) this...

This type is too big (or is it too small?)

Spending one’s Christmas with family really reminds one of that not all web users have good eyesight.

Is this a Blog?

Chris ( said why not make a web log (a Blog) so I thought, sure, this year has been crazy, maybe I should keep a record of it.

It’s a source of much mirth and jocularity

That I have the spelling skills of a four-year-old. Taunts and jeers to if you please.

Jane Birkin:-)

I wanted to clap and say ‘thank you’ and get her autograph and tell her how much I loved her work. But I didn’t.

In childhood memories,

Testing MGI

sorry ass excuse for middleware…


Faces of anger?

Filed under fragments of memory, (most likely because of the trauma…)

In our story,


So I was born on a Sunday.

In our story,