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Brakeboard assembly

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Brakeboard assembly
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OK so it’s embarrassing but I can’t slide. I am learning but at my age and limited free time and other excuses it’s taking a while…

Even if I could slide, I’m riding to work on crowded streets and it would be great not to crash and puncture the knees on my work trousers or worry about running over the person who runs the facility I work in. So, long story short, I bought a set of trucks with disk-brakes made by a guy called Ben based near Melbourne and plan to mount them on the lovely Original 46” pintail:

You can read all about them on the Brakeboard website and my first post about them was going to be a ride review but I’m having one or two little problems getting them mounted and running.

Update: Monday morning Ben sent me a reply last night. He usually replies very quickly so you get a good feeling you’re being well looked after:-)

Hi Dug

Re washers: When I re-designed the new Brake lining fit it made the outer bearing sit in a little far. An extra washer is required. I should have placed 3 washers on the axle. Apologies if I have not. You place one inside and two on the outer side.

Re spacers: Spacers in the rear make brake tuning very difficult. There is no problem with not having spacers though the axle nut shouldn’t be tightened too firmly as it will crush the bearings.

Re extender pedal: Please visit my Facebook page. Under “Videos” there is one showing the pedal assembly.



Question 1

So Ben, my first question is to do with the way the v3.5 hubs ride on the truck axles. I think I’ve assembled them correctly but the un-threaded part of the axles (‘a.’ in the sketch below) almost seems a little too long.

length of the axle

On one side the wheel sits almost just right but on the other there is definite play and I can’t tighten it further. Before I start stacking washers under the nut I wanted to make sure I’ve not missed anything…

Question 2

My next question is to do with the brake hubs. The hollow centre opening (‘b.’ below) is big enough to allow the truck axle through with enough clearance for a metal cylinder like a bearing spacer.

missing core

It looks like the side-cover of the inside bearing rests against the inner end of the brake hub but not against the central hub of the bearing. You supplied 2 bearing spacers in the kit which I’ve put on the front truck but my question is really should I be attempting to fit a spacer inside the brake hub? It seems like tightening the wheel assembly on the axle with no bearing spacer would harm the bearings?

Last question

This one is to do with the correct way to attach the extender pedal.

carbon fibre pedal

Essentially the pedal is a smooth piece of carbon-fibre with two holes drilled in it. It’s not much longer than the existing pedal and at first it looks like you’re supposed to remove the metal brake pedal and put the pivot bolt through the the carbon one in its place (and we all love a bit of carbon-fibre). Thing is that doesn’t work so I’m pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to go… Are you shooting a new video to explain how to do this assembly? (your other videos are super helpful–I’ve got the push-rod hole drilled in the right place).

Thanks Ben:-)

As soon as Ben adds his comments to this I’ll add his explanations here as it may help other Brakeboard customers. So far, Ben has been incredibly responsive, answering questions super quickly and generally being very helpful, so all good on that front:-)

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