A freezing morning in 2010

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Mucking about with the blog template and hosting again and came across this video file I had forgotten…

I miss my bike and I even miss commuting in the snow and freezing weather. That thing (a BMW GS1200 Adventure) was so amazing. It started no matter what, in the video you can see the dashboard freezing weather alert (the snowflake) and the displayed ambient temp (-5 degrees C.)

GSA in the snow

I remember that winter coming home one evening and finding the M1 motorway entirely empty and Totteridge Common completely covered in a foot of powder. I cut straight across the common over kerbs and drives and between the trees, standing and leaning back putting as much weight as poss on the rear tyre. It was like skiing, just awesome:-)

GSA in the snow

For those wondering what happened to the bike, this happened and so I decided to hang up my helmet for a while…

Dug in ICU - Jed drawings

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