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[Image and quote source: The Show, 14 July 2006, Ze Frank (transcript)]

Back in 2006, Ze Frank – on his video podcast, The Show – ran a competition to create the ugliest MySpace page. He got accused of mocking people. Here’s the quote… “You’re mocking people who, for the most part, have no taste or artistic training.”

What Ze came back with was that, historically, only a small number of people have been able to afford to participate in production. But this is changing.

And I want to read almost this whole quote out now, because I’m not kidding, this is perhaps the most insightful thing I’ve heard on the Web maybe ever. Here we go.

““Over the last 20 years, however, the cost of tools related to the authorship of media has plummeted. [...] The fact that tons of people know names of fonts like Helvetica is weird!”

He’s right, right? But he continues, this is the good bit.

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