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[Image source: Here & There — a horizonless projection in Manhattan.]

I want to show a piece of work by my company just recently, by Jack Schulze, with James King and Campbell Orme, which I think is a kind of a macroscope.

It’s a map of Manhattan with a new kind of map projection which attempts to show you a whole map of the city and also where you are all at once. It’s meant to be on posters on the street.

So this is the top half of the map, and it’s showing uptown. And then as you look down the map…

[At this point the map slowly pans down until the elevated buildings are visible. The whole map is viewable on the project website, which is linked above.]

...the city kind of bends up to meet you, and you can see the buildings exactly as you would be seeing them as you stand there.

Look, there you are, standing at the bottom outside Cooper Union.

It’s a projection called “Here & There” and I think it’s a kind of macroscope.

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