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Our first foray into user testing with live participants

  • 3 min read

In the spirit of Rob’s earlier post I thought you guys might find a test report interesting reading. This morning, Debbie, Louis, Mohammed and Dug piled into Mohammed’s car and headed down to Hemel High Street. Debbie recruited, Louis kept the mac level and stable, Mohammed tracked the tests and Dug interviewed and moderated.

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Argos TV finder…

  • 1 min read

It wasn’t long ago when multi-facets were the new thing in navigation and findability on websites. Today, multi-faceted navigation has become so common that you just expect a good online retailer to have it. In fact, you probably expect it to do more to help you find the right product e.g. richer facets like features etc etc…

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Phone book

  • ~1 min read

Have had a request to remove a number from the phone book so instead have whacked a password on it. If you want to use the address book when you’re out and about let me know and I’ll get the pass to you:-)

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