Dug is a designer.

And this is his blog. Can't say much more than that except that he lives in Scotland with Nicki and their two wean and beasts. At night he dreams of gold pencils and such-like, but in the morning he primarily focuses on breakfast.

A fishy tale

So HEF caught a fish today (and yesterday) he’s really getting into the swing of this fishing thing:-) Here’s the scene in jed’s kitchen:

So this fight for digital freedom stuff actually works -- -)

Remember that petition we all signed a few weeks ago? Well, it looks like the numbers were big enough for folk with a seat to lose in the US congress to take notice:-)

Time to help the EFF again

Got this in the mail from the EFF today:

So HEF is learning to skate -- -)

The little stake rats are coming along nicely. Just picked up a longer deck for HEF and he’s loving the cruising thing. Many thanks to the lovely people at Liquid Motion in Exmouth who took loads of time and even gave him an ollying lesson! After much trying out of different configs, HEF when with this guy

BCS Talk—Empathy as the defining driver for good ux

Did a talk last night at the BCS about what makes a great user experience. High point of the evening, I showed my mental notes cards and did an experiment with the audience to illustrate anchoring & adjustment. I hosted a mock auction where the audience had to write bids on a card (with the premise like an Antiques Roadshow thing where you had to guess the price).

Code club

So HEF did his first code lesson today!

Barnet whiplash

What the hell is going on around here?!? First I get thwacked by a car and end up in ICU, then Nicki’s Mum has a stroke and then she’s back in an ambulance today with CLF giving herself whiplash on the trampoline (HEF and CLF are now happy they’ve both been issued neck braces).

Wireframes v prototypes yakety yak…

Have recently followed a couple of discussions along the lines of “wireframes are dead” touting the cure-all properties of prototyping (like this or this). I love and use both methods depending on client and production context so I’m always left feeling a bit bemused by the level and depth of side-taking.

Cat signal time again

President Obama and other leaders are meeting in Asia right now to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership - a deal that threatens to censor your use of the Internet, kill jobs, undermine environmental protections and remove your democratic rights…

The Dr Who experience

So HEF, you won’t remember this but when you were wee you were totally obsessed with Dr Who. You begged and pleaded for what must have been ages for Nicki and I to take you to the Dr Who experience in Cardiff (a town v distant from your home in London). Well, it finally happened so I thought I’d post this green-screen shot to remind you of the day.

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