CLF and Stevie doing the selfie thing in the garden Friday the 13th and nothing has gone wrong. Yet.

BIMA Hot 100 2016 Getting serious

A fishy tale So this fight for digital freedom stuff actually works -- -)

Time to help the EFF again So HEF is learning to skate -- -)

BCS Talk—Empathy as the defining driver for good ux Code club


Featured entry title: Buddhism (Good Morning Vietnam)

Cronauer: She spills soup all over you, looks at you like, "Eh, I'm sorry. What are you gonna do about it, asshole?" What would you say to her? They spilled something on your pants. What would you do?
Wilkie: I do nothing.
Cronauer: Come on Wilkie, it's cursing class. You're gettin' pissed off. What would you do?
Wilkie: I just remain reticent.
Cronauer: She goes in the kitchen, she gets a knife, she starts stabbing you. She's stabbing you, putting forks in you. She's got spoons in your eyes, Wil! They're startin' to cut you with knives, puttin' spoons in your eyes. What would you do Wilkie? What would you do?
Wilkie: I'm waiting to die.

Featured entry title: Graham Hill’s LifeEdited Apartment

Featured entry title: 11 March 1934

Cards and hairstyles oh my...

Featured entry title: The things Nicki does for love

Had to post this, amazing what Nicki does for the wee-uns. Tomorrow is “come as your favourite book character” day (well, World Book Day) and the above is the raw materials for a Hermes costume:-)

Featured entry title: Woody Allen


Featured entry title: School days

CLF on tender-hooks yesterday as councils were due to send out emails at 17.30 with news of secondary school places. Just noting this down here for CLF (which was the original point of me writing all this stuff). In the end the thing she’ll want to remember is the feeling she got when the email came through with her first choice school:-)

Featured entry title: What most schools don’t teach

Featured entry title: VVS public service announcement

Featured entry title: Scale comparison of common longboard decks


Featured entry title: Maximisation isn’t

Wow, sure I love Jason as much as the next guy but this really really resonated...

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