Abbate, Niccolo dell’

Inventory number: "1937","1008".00002

A frieze with putti and a concert, after Niccolo dell’Abbate. Pen and grey ink, with grey wash and watercolour. P Burg, Hermann Dr

Inventory number: "1945","1110".00001

Jupiter embracing Semele, both astride an eagle. Brush drawing in grey-brown wash, heightened with white on buff prepared paper

D Anon
PO de la Noue, Desneux Abbe
PO Jahbach, Everard L.2979

Inventory number: "1950","0401".00006

A procession of figures in a landscape below a high bank, after Niccolo dell’Abbate Pen and brown ink, with grey wash, heightened with white on grey-buff paper

P Higgins, Stephen
PO Chennevieres, Charles Marquis de L.2073
PO Rodrigues, Eugene L.897
## Artist: Aberli, Johann Ludwig ## Inventory number: "1974","0223".00001 Waterfall at Straubach, Lauterbrunnen. Graphite and watercolour P Appleby Bros ## Artist: Achenbach, Andreas ## Inventory number: "1959","0306".00001 Sailboats on a lake or sea. 1875. Pen and brown ink D Lourn, AA ## Artist: Adam, Heinrich ## Inventory number: "1997","0712".00109 View of Landshut. Gr