So I hacked a short video review of the Brakeboard truck and wheel kit (version 3.5) together last night. Quality’s a bit rubbish but perfect being the enemy of done etc. so I’ve just uploaded it. Key product details from video are:

Product being reviewed

Box set with trucks, tools, washers and tuning spares, and wheels

3.5 version box set trucks and wheels (note current product version is 3.5 – Ben is working on videos and documentation for these but the 3.1 and 3.5 versions are functionally almost identical)

My deck set-up in video

I retained the deck only, opting for trucks (obviously) and wheels from Brakeboard

My old deck set-up for comparison purposes

Original Longboards 46" pintail with artwork by Jay Alders

The deck was purchased as a complete form the Original Skateboards website

  • Trucks: Original S10 250mm Trucks
  • No truck spacers (250mm truck width and deck camber clear the wheels even at full lock)
  • White high-tensions springs
  • Wheels: RAD Advantage 74MM 78a (White)
  • Bearings: Cell Ceramics

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