Wow, sure I love Jason as much as the next guy but this really really resonated…

Do I want to make things better? All the time. But do I want to maximize "betterness"? No thanks.
I don't mind leaving some water in the cloth, some drips in the glass, some money on the table. I like knowing there's headroom. And once in a while it's a fun challenge to chip away at that headroom. But that's not for maximization's sake - it's for curiosity's sake. "Can we do it?" is a lot more interesting to me than "we must do it because that's what you're supposed to do."
Having fun, exploring ideas, creating, solving, building great things for you and your customers, being proud of your work, challenging yourself, learning, growing, building a self-sustaining company on your own schedule, adding something useful to the world, and working with great people - that's what this is all about. Not maximization of a metric.