Wow, finally a sensible-looking alternative to sIFR. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve used sIFR all over the place and I love it’s type-handling but dang, those variables are pointless. Pretty much most of the ‘adjustments’ you’re supposed to be able to make to control size etc. have just never made it out of fiddlycamp…

From the Cufon site:

Cufón aims to become a worthy alternative to sIFR, which despite its merits still remains painfully tricky to set up and use. To achieve this ambitious goal the following requirements were set:
  1. No plug-ins required - it can only use features natively supported by the client
  2. Compatibility - it has to work on every major browser on the market
  3. Ease of use - no or near-zero configuration needed for standard use cases
  4. Speed - it has to be fast, even for sufficiently large amounts of text
And now, after nearly a year of planning and research we believe that these requirements have been met.