Helping CLF with her homework. The brief was “what would you do” and the required media was “any” which I felt was vague and demanding for a 5-year-old.

Undaunted, CLF wanted to make a film but I had to point out this was going to be a little challenging given the time we had. We ended up with a Keynote file. She made the time machine slide herself and did all the thinking. The words are all hers. My contribution was to suggest a structure and be her dtp operator:-)

The cool bit was watching her work out what was needed both to make her machine (lots of levers) and to actually get to Laura’s place. It took a couple of minutes but she eventually worked out she needed to know both a place and a date (the date is spoken to the time machine using the on-board microphone and the map of Wisconsin is included above the catering tray).