Get ready for a crackdown on broadband use

Man, this pisses me off. The only person who gets to decide the value of a good or service I invite into my space is me.

Right now, my ISP isn’t providing me with value, not even close as my connection rarely gets over 64k (yes, k not m) and the damn connection won’t come up after a router power cycle or other network crash.

If the service was a little closer to what was advertised I could start building my own value with it. Because I work in the internet industry, there’s a really good chance my connection to the cloud allows me to create stacks of unique value. You know, just doing a quick mental calculation I’d be happy to pay my ISP say £40, £50, maybe even £75 a month.

Of course given past performance, I’d say the chances of my ISP being interested in understanding how I create value are pretty much next to nil.

When are businesses gonna get on the damn bus?