So I’ve now had the pleasure of being slid into an MRI and in a few minutes, a man called John Hardy (my trusty orthopaedic surgeon) is going to regularise a tear in the meniscus in my right knee (thank you TMW softball).

08:36 scratch that, doc and anesthetist (sp?) have a full-on knee replacement in theatre before me. Will need to wait a bit longer. On the plus side, I should get a DVD from the orthroscope which I will get up on YouTube as soon as poss.

09:16 JH and sleepman David Coates are doing a knee replacement I’m next in the queue.

09:51 anti-embolism stockings. I’m told to treat them like silk stockings

10:47 still no news :-(

Well, shortly before 11:15 David Coates injected me with a quart of martinis. The next thing I remember is having the best n
ap in the recovery room (boy, I’ll bet recovery-room staff have got some juicy material for a book) and then Nicki showed up next my bed :-)

Have now seen the physio and am waiting for nurse to redo dressing before heading home.

Thanks to all who tweeted, called and texted the messages really helped.