OK, so I’m finishing the Orange gig which means new phone. I picked up an iPhone on Sunday and so far, the experience has been mixed…

the goodthe bad
Applenesslovely interface with apps that launch instantly and give great real-time feedback (Googlemaps is almost perfect but for one feature that sort of kills it)no charge in the battery means no out-of-box experience (if you've ever unpacked an imac you'll know what I mean)
OS-designno app-switcherno app-switcher
handfeelvirtual keyboard works with one-handed hand-and-thumb (contrary to what early handset-expert nay-sayers claimed when the device launched)really crummy soft ergonomics. I've almost dropped the thing twice. I could have used little rubber nipples on the back or etched grooves on the sides

I’ll add to this as I get used to the device…