Just love this picture. Not sure why exactly, but it’s something to do with the freshness of the whole thing.

Took CLF to Whipsnade yesterday and had my second “I’ve lost her” moment in the playground. Tom, Isac and CLF took off over a hill at high speed and I went running after them. Just as I was catching up with Tom and Isac, CLF and Tom made a break in different directions. Looked behind me and saw Isac’s dad Les catching up with us so tried to point out Tom and Isac to him while keeping an eye on CLF. Turned towards Les for one second with CLF entering the playground in the corner of my eye and then she was gone.

I ran into the playground and scanned all the slides and climbing frames but nothing.

It must have taken a good two minutes of nervous searching and calling (scanning the distant horizon in all directions for a little red-headed girl) before I finally spotted her. She had climbed right to the top of the highest tower and was hiding behind the clapboards and looking at me through a gap in the planks.