Several blasts in London this morning.

  • Roads jammed up–made it to work driving (partly) on the pavement
  • Closest ‘blast’ (still unknown if bomb) a few streets away in Russell Square
  • No news–home secretary due to anounce at 12:15
  • Phone lines are jammed–can’t get through on mobile or land-line

It’s a little scary not knowing exactly what’s going on, but Nicki and CLF are fine.

This is one of those

…and then a guy in a Porsche with his radio hit his horn
and told us the news…


[11:55] Everyone leaves their desk and heads downstairs to hear the PM on TV

[13:11] Charlotte just wrote in from the US. Glad to confirm friends and family still OK

[13:21] Orange still have nothing on either their UK or global sites

[15:44] Co-workers are being told leave early. Overland train services are mostly working, but no buses or tubes are operating

[16:31] Letter from Mike comes in:

Just wanted to send out a quick email to say that the plan for tomorrow night remains the same, I’ll be buggered if I am going to let today’s incidents get in the way of us all having a bloody good time! The buses will all be working by tomorrow, and I believe much of the tube system. When the tfl site is back up, I’ll look into bus details for getting to the venue and send them out for y’all.

I hope you are all in agreement, and look forward to sharing a beverage or three with you tomorrow.

Hear hear :-)