CLF has been sick all week. This has been a little tricky to handle, as Nicki has been sick all week as well (really bad ear infection) and when sick, CLF definitely wants her mommy. A lot.

Nicki took her to the doc’s yesterday morning and watched her go through a fairly comprehensive exam which resulted in the doc stating that there was nothing wrong with her and that she could go to school.

That said, we’re pretty sure there is something along the lines of an ear infection going on as CLF hasn’t made it through the night without waking up screaming her little head off. I’ve always had a bad time with my ENT. I had chronic headaches when I was very young until one day when I was maybe twelve, on a long car journey on a very hot day, I felt a minor explosion under my right eye and a bunch of ickey fluid when down my throat. From that point on, the headaches were a whole lot less frequent.

My Dad has always had similar or related problems. While we both check out fine at the ear doctor’s, we both have dodgy hearing and drive our wives mad with the volume control. This is the kind of thing that worries me because I can see CLF going through the whole Falby ear, nose and throat thing, and no amount of visits to the doctor is going to do anything about it. Where are the tame consultants when you need ‘em? Maybe if we win the lottery I’ll take her down to Harley Street…