Currently on hold (Billy Joel “Uptown Girl”) at the HP online store (“order by phone 0845 270 4215”). I called to ask which models in the Colourjet series are Postscript, networked etc etc.

The guy (an HP employee) replied “what’s Postscript?”

This is funny and sad and shocking and made my heart sink in so many ways I can’t begin to describe;-) I replied “Postscript is a language used to describe raster images for the purposes of sending them to laser printers. It was written by Adobe and first used in anger by the Hewlett-Packard Development Company in their very qualified laser engines. These were made famous by the first generation of Applewriter printers in the early 1990’s”

The guy said “oh.” and put me on hold.

90 seconds later a chirpy sales rep comes on (Angela Dickson x2219). After a five minute conversation, she states that she is unable to confirm or deny whether the HP Color LaserJet 3500n printer (Hewlett-Packard part number Q1320A) is or is not a Postscript printer, or indeed if it were a Postcript printer, which version of Postscript it would be.

In the end, she kindly offered to call me back tomorrow (she needed to talk to her manager about this) with a “resolution”

I write because this is like a baker not knowing about flour, a children’s television producer not having watched “Sesame Street” or the president not knowing the constitution (ok, maybe not that last one). This is just plain wrong…