Just thought I’d post BT’s customer care number here for use by any and all switchboard-jamming anarchists and angered housewives whose membership of ‘Friends and family’, ‘BT Value plus’ or ‘Triple-Talk’ have driven them to take action :-)

I cancelled (well, am currently still trying to cancel) my BTOpenworld ADSL account (because it is shit) and in the process have discovered that after a year of fighting with the installer team, the engineer, the billing people, technical support and customer services, spending hours of what should be billable time queuing on their various automated call systems (including the openworld business line which directs you to the website then hangs up on you) that when you finally crack and send them a written notice of cessation a very nice lady called Alita calls you and gives you a phone number (an 0800 number no less) that gets you straight through to customer care–no queue, no delay, no option-3, just straight through to the nice lady.

So got a problem with BT? Need to vent? Here’s the number:

0800 800 871

That ends this public service announcement.