So I’ve been feeling a bit un-blogged this past couple of weeks. I’m constantly thinking of stuff that i want to say, but when I get to the keyboard I get all blue and decide not to post–not sure what’s going on, but hopefully I’ll get better soon.

Just wanted to say for all family members out there that CLF is now walking proper. Not one for transitions, she pretty much gave up crawling altogether over the space of a week when Nicki spent the week away in Bordeaux. Andrew and Peter have sent us a cd with loads of lovely pictures of CLF so I’ll try and post those soon.

If I can get my shit together and move Donkey over to Moveable Type (am running a test version, so it couldn’t be that far away) I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a lovely integrated scrapbook tool to make keeping the pictures up to date a whole lot easier.