The Apple store has just confirmed that they are not offering an upgrade path for owners of OS X Server.

I bought a full version of X server when it was version 1.2 and essentially little more than a re-packaged NextStep. I then foolishly paid good money for the OS X public beta and finally spent £400 on getting 10.1 Server. After almost £1000 spent on unfinished software I am now at the point where I am seriously thinking of going illegal.

Apple, get your shit together. I’ll ‘happily’ fork out another £100 or so for an upgrade if you insist, but you’re asking me to buy another full-whack license. That’s just crazy.

So here we go: does anyone out there have a copy of 10.2 server (the cds that came with your new machine) they’d be happy to lend me? Anyone?

If not, I’m switching to Windows, at least they keep your expectations low.