Got the following in the post this morning. I’m always amazed to find out that my Mom isn’t my only reader;-)

RE: An American Replies

Hi Dug,

I don’t think you have any responsibility or obligation whatsoever to present a ‘balanced’ point of view. You are writing in what is (in effect) a personal diary, it is published and public yes, but still personal nevertheless. Do you have ambitions to turn Donkey into the Grauniad? I think not. And what is this ‘well-balanced’ thing your friend refers to anyway? ;)

Some people go on marches. Some people write in their weblogs. Some people choose to nothing, and that is fine. My respect goes to those that take a stand. It is (imho) very much a time in which to do so.

Regards (and respect),

David Fromant
Freelance web, writing, & project management

Thanks David. I think the well balanced thing was actually something I said, but I wholeheartedly agree that it is time to take a stand. However great or small your contribution, do something.

Also, Ben has now written back several times and we have argued long into the night (the triple-quoted emails would be impossible to transcribe here as-is). He was surprised to find his letter published, as he says, if he had known, he/05/have phrased things differently. We’re going to try and work on a position and we/05/edit his earlier post. More tomorrow about this I think:-)