Well, it had to happen, on Wednesday night I grabbed a bag and ran out of the house leaving a pile of smelly dishes and the cat behind me. I got to Dunblane (that’s a place in Scotland, which is not next to Mexico) at 02:30 which isn’t bad really, something like a seven hour drive.

Thanks to the modern miracle of cruise control (‘ha’ I hear you snort but no, really, cruise control rocks) I was able to do Scotland and back without any negative side effects. Normally my right leg seizes up and it takes me a day to recover. Anyway, I’m sold on large comfy automobiles.

I spent the rest of the time squeezing little CLF, so on the whole quite a good week. Yesterday, she managed to push herself along on her knees, which was quite a milestone, except she hasn’t quite mastered her front half, so in this instance, she slid along on her nose;-)

On a wholly unrelated topic, here’s a link to KPMG