Nicki and I just had a fantastic day down in Kent.There’s a particularly enjoyable type of British leisure activity that involves grey skies, wet lay-bys and hot mugs of tea (or pints of real ale) and today was definitely one of those. Had lunch in a gorgeous little pub in the Creek in Faversham (very good bitter), dropped off broken Snell speakers at obscure little audio supplier in an oast house stuck in a muddy field between a working farm and an adult education center, and visited the Isle of Sheppey (

I don’t know about you, but I like nothing more than finding places that you’re not supposed to visit. At the end of the Shellness road on Sheppey, there’s a bizarre community of beach chalets standing up against the beating wind. The ness is quite literally made up of shells, and Nick and I braved the gale-force-winds to walk along the beach (which is making me feel really good today :-))

(note to self: at some point post photographs from trip to nuclear bunkers of Orford Ness)