Chris ( said why not make a web log (a Blog) so I thought, sure, this year has been crazy, maybe I should keep a record of it.

So I headed over to and registered this stupid url with them and chose a template and filled in all manner of daft questions including a poll on wether or not one should really be paying for the blog service in the future. Once I had finished all my inputing I went to ‘publish’ my oeuvre and oops - javascript error.

Now I just wanted to say that I’m getting bored with having to commission web applications to use people’s websites. I mean this sort of defeats the purpose don’t you think. Appart from Blogger, I recently had to sort out some form pages to apply for Tesco online store registration. I’ll say that again: to register on the Tesco website, I had to create another website to feed the data accross.


Oh, so in the end I rolled my own. Hence the feature-poor, clunky web publishing tool you are currently using ;-)