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Design clichés

  • ~1 min read

Ahhh love those logos with a swoosh. Speakup has compiled a definitive list of design clichés with a prognostic on each. I’m embarassed to admit I’m fond of bubble-head people… Still, I suppose I could always get my thinking cap back on.

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Font sizes

  • 2 min read

Recently lost my rag with a very nice person on one of the HCI lists I subscribe to. My juvenile, agressive and totally uncalled-for behaviour was triggered by the fact that the person works at Verisign (regular readers may remember this, this, this, this, or even this or may even have displayed this banner). She was enquiring about font-sizes, not as it turns out whether scalable fonts in web services are a good idea (she already knows they are) but whether they were in use in real-world applications (as opposed to public-facing websites).

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