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Al Green on 125th Street

OK, call me a lefty ideologue who laps up whatever nonsense the Democrats put out but I've been watching the Romney v. Gingritch thing and I just don't understand how these massively un-presidential types think they have more to offer than President Obama? True, Gingritch played to the "authenticity" megatrend by speaking his mind about his ex-wife's ABC appearance and it's probably this same megatrend that caused South Carolina Republicans to down-grade Romney for his evasiveness around his taxes. But that doesn't make him White House material, not by a mile.

But the point of this post is that I was wondering why this video of President Obama signing Al Green didn't make more of a splash? The President of the United States of America, in the Apollo Theatre on 125th street. The President, in Manhattan, in Harlem, amongst friends, face to face with the Reverend Al Green and singing?!? In tune!?! It was AWESOME! Just made me feel great to see this:-)

What does Daddy do all day?

Internet Retailing Expo 2011

CLF and Hal are always wondering what dad does all day. Well, the lovely Ian over at Internet Retailing just sent me this pic of him asking the questions at the recent IR Etail expo at the NEC.

So there you go kids, Dad teeters on funny-looking stools and answers questions all day:-)

I have been meeting with some different companies recently looking at ways we can increase the benefit of the content on our sites for our users.

There were many interesting things I looked at including product tours, interactive buyer's guides, presenter led content, branded editorial and complete TV channels online.

Below are a snapshot of some of the different things discussed. Check them out and let me know your thoughts on them:

Coast Productions produced some really engaging content for Canon as parted of a brand campaign that involved taking competition winners to do dream photo shoots with a professional photographer in some incredible locations. Check out the results

Adjust Your Set are the people behind M&S TV and have created the 12 channels for their current allocation. Here are some interesting videos

Gate Web Video do a range of presenter led content, using a presenter to talk users through all aspects of their journey, embedding the presenter onto the page. See what you think and have a look at their showreel

We also had a pitch from Dennis for producing an interactive magazine for helping with Buyer's Guides and distributing content online. Here is their pitch work, a basic magazine on imaging

Hope you find some of the stuff interesting, any ideas on content or new tech we could utilise let me know!!

Ssssssssssee ya....


Is Apple too powerful?

Interesting article over at mobileopportunity

Jobs said There's a big new market, and we want in Not, we're creating something new or we can vastly improve this category Just, we want a cut

It sounds like something Don Corleone would say. Or Steve Ballmer. But it's not what I expected from Apple...

Michael Mace makes a number of good points and takes a good look at the potential clash between Pure Digital and Apple. All true, but the thing I take out of it is what's the point of a system that needs to contain its success?

Or put another way, if every time a capitalist succeeds in getting enough capital to knock out the competition we have to go in and manually adjust the market doesn't that suggest something fundamentally daft with capitalism?

Which got me thinking about whether we can teach innovation and fine art and colleges and stuff but I'll have a think about that later...

Oh. and just so I remember, #interesting2009 was bloody brilliant. I laughed (lots) I cried (twice) and came away happy and exhausted :-)

The donkey iPod film quiz


So while I'm on the film theme, here's a frame from a classic picture on the iPod (click on the photo to zoom in, the text reads "unica").

Hey, it's a quiz, can you name the picture from the still?


Wing of Desire

You know how you get those dvds with your Sunday paper and then they collect on the shelf? Well, my family got me an iPod for my birthday in January and I've discovered how fabulous it is to integrate films (here Himmel über Berlin, Der (1987)) with iTunes.

The screen is tiny but the headphones give you the cinema experience. Another benefit I hadn't figured on is being able to freeze frame and shuffle forward and back. Not sure why I think that's so cool but really enjoying doing it:-)


So Chirac's dream of a 'French perspective' on world news has finally launched. Part of me sniggers but fair enough, why should CNN and BBC24 get all the coverage... For the launch the channel commissioned some animated ads. The concept is the same as the old Guardian ads that used the line "get the whole picture" (remember the one with the skinhead running) but they're quite heavy-handed. The one above is different, the balance of story, visual (you can feel the smile when the kid kicks the ball) and music work well, and the emotional content does resonate (what boy hasn't had a similar day-dream). Is it a French perspective... dunno, I guess the kid is Vietnamese but what is F24 saying exactly, pick your post-colonial nightmare? Still, beautiful little film.