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Dyson gets social media wrong?

This from tweetie and the brain an interesting look at how Dyson is speaking to customers with Twitter

You have to be on form ALL THE TIME now. If you drop the ball ONCE the democratized voice of the internet can use it against you forever. But not playing is also not an option - your competitors are or will be using social channels to build an adoring customer base, spread their message, correct inaccuracies and have fun! (all hail @zappos).

Your only defence is sticking to strong core principles such as openness, honesty, civility and genuinely caring about your customers.

That last comment really highlights why we need to finish up our brand work:-)

It's a very very short story

Props @marshamusic for pointing to @veryshortstory

"Firetruck!" yelled 5 year old Billy. His Mom had told him his Dad was a fireman. When he got older he set fires, hoping to meet Dad.

Beautiful:-) I you want to join in, post your very short story and tag it #vss

The unstoppable Shel Israel continues his journey of immersion and involvement through social media:

What I love is this is that I get to talk with students.

Through their questions I get to learn what's on their mind regarding Twitter and social media. Like many people, I would love to spend more time as a guest instructor, but schools have little budget for people like me where travel costs are involved. I'm sure what we do tomorrow will have a few glitches and bumps, because as far as I know, no one has tried to guest instruct a class via Twitter before.

My hope though is that others watch what we do then try something like this themselves. Take what I do with 35 students at UMass Dartmouth and refine it. This may be a new way to remotely talk with people who want to learn.

From Global Neighbourhoods


If something is private, I recommend not digitizing it and putting it online. Adding privacy features to a public service is dumb. 09:44 PM March 15, 2007 from web