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Play on the street?

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Auntie Ohna went to a different primary school (not sure why). I was at the Ecole Active Bilingue on Rue de la Pompe from age 7 (must ask Ohna why she was elsewhere) and took the Metro back to La Muette on my own (not far but I'm struggling letting you guys out of the house even at your age!

Anyways, this video reminded me of all the time I used to spend in the street. I had a bicycle and used it, if we weren't colonising vacant lots near the Parc des Princes we were hanging around on the corner with the neighbour's kids.

Great video and amasing what we've done to ourselves in the name of comfort and convenience...

Sois jeune et tais toi

Sois jeune et tais-toi

Had company drinks last night and met a nice man from France. I was explaining how my family moved to paris in 1968 and it turns out he was six years old at the time of the summer événements. My family lived in the quiet western suburb of Vaucresson, 10 kilometres from Notre-Dame and as a five-year old trying to get to grips with a new school, a new language and new friends I let the events pass without noticing.

Turns out this guy lived in the Quartier Latin and had barricades on his doorstep! He remembers the sights and smells to this day. The confusion, overturned Renault Dauphines, benches and bins piled high, paving stones pried up for use as projectiles. One of his most vivid memories is students turning the Luxembourg Gardens into open-air debating chambers...

Anyhow, always loved this print, the silhouette in the background doing the censorship is of course the Général de Gaulle who was running the country at the time.

Things I'm missing about France

Well, this morning I've noticed a couple:

  • the great (if slightly over the top) music that accompanies tv series, movies and historical reenactments. There's something about mentions of Molière and Richelieu that brings me back a medley of pleasant, childhood memories
  • the formal acknowledgment given in lifts, restaurants and a bunch of other public places. I'm increasingly dissatisfied with the "let's just ignore each other until one of us gets off the lift" thing we do...

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Paris by strike

  1. 07:30 good catch-up meeting with Agathe near République
  2. 11:30 continue reviewing backup screens with Thomas P near bastill3
  3. a large chunk of the afternoon: walking from Bastille to Gare du Nord because the RATP strikers lied to me about there being a few rames left in service to take me home. Long walk carrying luggage punctuated with taunting temptings at each Vélib station (haleluya, there's a Vélib... argggg it has no chain/seat/tires...)

Le Paris-Orléans (Brasserie)


Dans la série c'est fou ce qu'on mange mal à Paris je vous suggère d'eviter à tout prix la brasserie "Paris Orléans", Porte d'Orléan à Paris.

Le Paris-Orléans (Brasserie)
2 Rue De Patay
75013 Paris

A Parisian value co-creation network?


I was working with a colleague this morning and she pointed at the table next door. "Look at what those guys did with the bread, it's a great metaphor for personalisation" and well, she's right of course.

I kept thinking about the photograph today and actually, you can interpret the image in terms of value co-creation (ok, a bit of a stretch but cut me some slack, it's just a bread basket).

For starters, the table is the value co-creation network. The network interacts with its environment (the sun on the térasse, the neibouring tables and chairs) and the customer interacts with it to create value.

The two guys have adjusted the table itself, the chairs and when the food comes (from another participant in the value-creation network, the chef) they decide on the way they will eat it. By customising the table to support the two glasses of beer and the breadbasket they have added value to their lunch beyond the 13.5 euro price-tag (and of course, that's without counting the value in their meeting in the first place which is probably the most value-intensive part of the network).



Terrible pictures but astonishing transport system. The docking kiosk allows individual or subscription payments using your oyster card--get out of the metro and hop on one of these:-)

Now that's more fucking like it!

Une ex-pintade

At last! A proper French meal. Meet the "Café des Sports" in scenic Issy-Les-Moulineaux:

  1. in your face 'patronne'--check.
  2. long, ancient and very battered 'zinc'--check.
  3. loud clattering sound (tile floor and cheap cutlery in use)--check.
  4. paper tablecloths--check.
  5. ample supplies of bread and mustard--check.
  6. tongue and tripe on the table--check.
  7. everyone smoking--check.
  8. shot in my bird--check.
  9. several bottles of Gamay at lunch--check.

Very nice indeed, and to boot we had a nice geeky conversation about the relative merits of different widget engines:-)


When I first moved to New York when I was nineteen (eighteen?) and was homesick I would sit in a restaurant and close my eyes and try to conjure up the clattering sound of a Paris restaurant in full flight. There's a particular kind of rumble, punctuated by the shouts of the waiters trying to get a coffee started or get the people waiting for a table to make some room for the food to through from the kitchen.

Last night I finished a long day in Issy-les-Moulineaux and shuffled over to what has become my regular couscous and found I couldn't get in for people:-) The food is great, so well worth the twenty-minute wait. If you fancy it, Chez Omar is:

Adresse: 47, rue de Bretagne / 75003 Paris
Métro: Arts et Métiers
Tél: 01 42 72 36 26

I did a quick search online to get the address of the place and there are a surprisingly large number of negative reviews. The balance of opinion seems to be that the couscous is ok, the wine is terrible and the service intermittent at best. I guess I've been living in London so long my food-criticism skills have lost their edge. Still, if you're in the 3eme I would say have a go...

Clémentine, je fais ces petites videos pour toi et là, je t'expliquais où j'étais sauf qu'avec tout ce boucan on m'entend pas. Je te disais bonne nuit et à demain--je reviens ce soir:-)



So I've been in Paris all week. I was here last week and will be here for three days next week. I'm so totally sad, I've been commuting out to the burbs on the RER, working all day and then coming back to the hotel and working the evenings as well. I've had to cancel my going to LesBlogs3 and have done no strolling around soaking up the sights, no catching up with folk, no doing Christmas shopping etc. all a bit weird really...

Anyhow, I haven't had a mo to publish much and I've been grabbing the odd snap en passant but the Shozu uploader is disabled in roaming mode to prevent me having more bandwidth-related punch-ups with mobile phone companies. Normal picture stream behaviour resumes Friday night (geolocation by Plazes).