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Thank you Shorter-Rochford

Palace 2 Palace Group The Avanade Palace 2 Palace team at the start on The Mall

So I did a 45-mile charity run in October and I've been meaning to post a thank you note to Shorter Rochford Cycles ever since.

I bought a bike a while back; got the cheapest thing that fit my size from a local (father/daughter) cycle shop in Finchley. It never really worked that well, even from new the brakes weren't very clever and after three trips back to the store for a tune-up the derailleur still clicked and dragged and required constant fiddling.

Basically, I was raising money for charity and didn't feel I could splash out on a fancy bike or specialist equipment. but the more I trained, the more it became apparent that I was going to break my neck in a long muddy downhill on a Cambridgeshire byway but I tweaked and patched and even hit the recycling centre to find insulation foam and jubilee clips to improve the handlebar grips.

So as race day approached I finally bit the bullet and got the bike serviced at my local cycle shop (it's a family-run shop--a different one as the first one went out of business). Well in a nutshell what a difference. They tweaked, and tuned and put puncture-proof road tyres on and a new chain and cleaned and lubed everything and the damn thing ran better then when it was new.

I'm not exaggerating, the guys at Shorter Rochford left me with a machine that performed better than new by a considerable margin. Seriously.

So what I wanted to say was simply thanks guys:-)


I'm finding it hard to raise funds for the Prince's Trust and part of it is that Americans see the "Prince" in the title and assume the money goes to the Queen... Here's the story of Craig, a young person whose life went downhill from almost day one. The trust is all about teaching a man to fish so here's his story

At seven-years-old Craig Earley, from Nottingham, lost his dad in a devastating road accident. By his teens he was regularly taking drugs. At 16, he left school with no qualifications and a few years later he found himself in prison. Craig, determined to get back on track, turned to the Prince's Trust and their Enterprise Programme.

His three year sentence gave him time to reflect on what he wanted from life. After his release Craig met his future wife. Things were nearly back on track when Craig was involved in a serious car accident that left him wheelchair-bound for a year. After numerous operations, his leg could not be saved, and it was amputated below the knee.

Craig was not yet ready to give up, and after the birth of his son a year later, he approached The Prince's Trust about their Enterprise programme. After lots of hard work and willpower, Craig opened Happy Daze, a shop selling ethnic and alternative goods such as clothing, accessories, jewellery and gifts.

Craig is completely up to date with all his loan repayments and is thrilled to be finally doing something he enjoys.

You can see the video and read the whole story on the Trust's website

Making this stuff happen costs money.
Lots of money.
I'm riding tomorrow. Please, please, please sponsor me now and support the work of this great trust



Turns out the trick to building high mileages is not to hack your way through Cambridgeshire byways for miles and miles but to get some good road sections in with a good average speed. Today I headed down to Regent's Park as I figured the large number of mamils combined with the flatter (turns out the Park look has a couple of "faux plats") road would simulate the experience of riding in a crowded charity event.

The good news is that I broke the 45 mile mark today. The bad news is my gears are frozen. Hope to find time for some maintenance this week as #palace2palace is happening soon.

Cambridge to High Cross


Set out on Saturday to cycle home from Cambridge. Expected to follow the Welwyn train line and figured I'd run out of beans by Potters Bar. Unfortunately I drifted a bit east and ended up having a massive climb 1/3 of the way in.

Didn't notice anything unusual at the time but really started flagging well before mile twenty. Also, wore the wrong shorts so crotch on fire fairly quickly. In the end I passed under the A10 and started down to ware as light began to fade.

Plan to try this again asap but with better shorts and taking the north/south route closer to Royston. Also, really need to get an earlier start!

Whetstone to NC12 and on to Stevenage

Got to Stevenage this Saturday and took the train back. According to mapmyride gps that was 27.63 miles it certainly felt like a lot more. I think I've got the hands/wrist pain sorted with the extra foam on the handlebars, but by mile 25 my crotch was hurting in places I didn't know existed;-)

The big event is October 14 so I'm not sure I'm going to be ready. Still, plan to top up on the lifecycle during the week and get the miles in on Saturdays. So far family being very supportive of my disappearing act.

DYI handlebar grips


My bike is a bit shit really and I've enrolled in a charity 40 mile run happening in october (click on the red banner to sponsor me!). As I've been out on longer and longer runs the main challenges are sore wrists and sore arse. The bike has no suspension and combined with a stupid rake angle and no trail worth speaking of, my wrists really take a pounding (you may not be a regular reader but I broke my left wrist last Christmas).

So my solution is a gel pack for the seat (not sure it's making any difference but will keep using and see how we go) and some pipe-lagging held on with jubilee clips and electrical tape for the handlebars. The idea is to have cushioning but also extra area to change posture and keep my hands from going to sleep.

Today is my second run with this setup and so far so good:-)