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Fun with Lego

F-22 Raptor

Hal keeps getting given these Lego sets. Most recently, he's had a Pirates of the Caribbean thing with a mill-wheel and a bell tower (set 4183-1) and before that it was Mandalorian fighters (set 7914-1) and the Space Shuttle (set 3367-1) as well as a bunch of others I can't locate.

I pretty much build these as Hal wants the finished product in a hurry but what tends to happen is that he goes for it and pretty soon the toy breaks. Of course it's Lego, so it's not breaking as such, it's supposed to come apart after all...

Recently, after spending a good hour assembling the pirates set I decided that the thing to do would be to glue the parts with super-glue. Not the whole assembly, but those groups of parts that moved or were hinged in some way (the Shuttle's bay doors only stayed attached to the mother ship for a few minutes under heavy playing).

So, I read up on the Lego forums to find out what the best glue was and did anyone have any techniques for glueing with a light touch to prevent destroying the bricks. I can't imagine I'm the only dad out there who has had this idea so I was really surprised to read the near universal condemnation of glue in Lego assembly...

So in the end I gave up on the glue and this morning I was playing with Hal and we smashed up the Space Shuttle and I put this F-22 Raptor together. OK, so it looks nothing like a raptor and it's missing its nose cone among other things but it was really fun to do.

I just never tire of the way a couple of bricks can suggest a familiar profile, a familiar shape:-)

The other kind of interesting thing was that in trying to get the two jet engines as close as possible, I made the main body lift area (the bit between the two turbines) with an odd number of rows. Normally my models are symmetrical but in this instance I had to have a central, single-row brick running down the middle. For some reason this made progress way more difficult. The cockpit glass comes from a dinosaur set and was four rows wide so to fit the nose cone (or make a gap where the nose-cone would go) I had to use flat pieces with uneven numbers of rows on top and bottom (I think they were claws from another animal, with two rows on the bottom but a single, centred row on the top)

So yeah, so do you glue your Lego?

One billion dollars a month

Never mind the pithy and insightful piece on yet more examples of why all bankers should be shot, this has to be the funniest comment I've seen in ages:

Because oligarchs draw incorrect conclusions about human evolution from Dawkins, "The Selfish Gene", misunderstand mythological self-determinism fables from Ayn Rand, and don't grok that Adam Smith's tales about the "Invisible Hand" were allegorical, we all must suffer. And, somehow we believe our angry powerhouse of a cleptocracy is the absolute zenith of human existence. Absolute fucking madness.

Fatcontroller on simple sabotage

I spotted this post back in April and got a chuckle

the "Simple Sabotage field manual" from the US Office of Strategic Services from 1944 which has recently been declassified. It's amazing to see how many of the techniques for sabotaging organisations have almost become institutionalised. Recognise any saboteurs in your organisation?!

Not naming any names but yes, I do;-)

interactive Orange window

Give to get:

The system does not promote Orange's text or phone packages at all. In fact, there is not a sales aspect to this interactive. It doesn't show devices, nor does it line up tariffs or offers in any way. You would have to go into the store during opening hours to access these. What the window does offer the passer- by is a fun experience, with free content and information services that may be of interest (eg. ITN news feeds, film clips, music videos etc).

from techdigest

iPhoto cameraBag

Darren's breakfast by CameraBag "Lolo" lens


Darren's breakfast by CameraBag 1962 lens


Darren's breakfast by CameraBag Helga lens


Darren's breakfast by CameraBag "Ansel" lens


Darren's breakfast by CameraBag 1974 lens


Darren's breakfast by CameraBag "cinema" lens


(there is also "infrared" but it weren't very nice)

Aside from the absurdity of camelCaps in blog post titles, isn't the camerabag iPhone app groovy? I mean I've hated the iPhone camera from the start and this was compounded by the zero quality improvement in the iPhone 3G release but this app somehow manages to make taking rubbish quality digital photographs fun again. It's a bit like using the Nokia 6600 for the first time...

extra credit for those who can name the movie

GNER to Inverness


Well, very impressed by the free and so far very reliable wifi on the GNER train to Inverness. I was worried I'd need to be on one of the 'Mallards' to guarantee conectivity but no, things are working fine...

Makes a change from the Eurostar where everything is provided free in biz class. On GNER you have to buy your own coffee and the sandwiches are a bit on the grim side.

Makes me yearn for the old British Rail cooked breakfast. It was a model of solid silver and inefficiency (I think it took like four people to serve it) but darn what a way to start the day:-)

Not like us cheeky biker-types who are familiar with little two-stroke Yam's and their ilk (tho now that I've aged and drive a lumpen opposed twin, my serious revving days are behind me)...

Diego Rodriguez has posted an astonishing little film about revs in metacool: Unabashed Gearhead Gnarlyness and if you're looking for a pick-me-up you could do worse than listen in (it's a F1-Cosworth V10 doing a computer-controlled start-up sequence apparently).