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I know it when I see it

Just re-read that last post. What a load of pants, let me try again...

Flickr was founded by an artist and at first, lots of artists where members. While there are clearly loads of ordinary family pics on the service there are also loads of really interesting, edgy creations. These range from surreal mindmaps, to strange images made with toy cameras to the nude self-portraits of Female Tech.

Like most wonderful, slightly marginal things, the content was never going to be to everybody's taste. Those of us who where there in the beginning feel a sense of belonging and Flickr's transition from online photography haven for the creatively inclined to mainstream storage service for the merry masses' Kodak moments is proving to be a painful one.

It's not that there's anything wrong with Yahoo or even with the aims of providing the sort of all-American, clean-living service that they are trying to build. It's just that they're crossing the line where arbitration and moderation are taking place.

It's these moderation 'choices' that are causing the trouble. No one has ever been able to get this right and there's just no way Yahoo's group of ingenue moderators are going to be able to get through this cultural minefield in one piece.


Safe???!! WTF does that mean?!! This from the Flickr help files:

My account has been reviewed as safe. What does that mean?

Having a "safe" account means that you are good at moderating your own content. Awesome!

"Good at moderating your own content" wow that sounds creepy. I hate it when I read something like this that intellectually I know is right but somewhere hidden at the back there's a little alarm bell that goes off... Now if I could only work out what it was.

One of the Flickr posters in my contacts has had a lot of grief with her regular readers complaining that they could no longer see her pictures. I've been doing a little reading ever since I became a libellous Flickr user (can you libel someone in an email address? I'm sure there's a precendent out there...) and you know, this Flickr content filter thing is really getting up my nose.

Anyway, am not liking the feeling of being 'handled' this is definitely not the Flickr experience I signed up for.

Yahoo Flickr exploits

You know, I wasn't going to get all huffy about it, but I just don't believe the explanations coming out of Yahoo.

I ignored the many emails explaining how this was going to be a seamless transition and that us early adopters who sent Katerina our cash from day one would be happily assimilated into the collective and that really this was for the best for all concerned. So I finally got this today:


Aside from just not liking their style or their products, one of the main reasons I never got a yahoo id is because the options suck. Well, not in any inherent way, but because they've been carrying a registration database around since 1996 so have more than two users.

Call me a wanker (and many do) but I've grown used to having nice logins, I'm "dug" on delicious and most other places. If not, I'm Bozo (generally for thing's I'd be a little embarrassed to discuss with my mom) or even donkeyontheedge if I'm trying to extend or integrate with the blog.

So of course I tried (and and hey, of course they're gone, as are dieyahoodie, dieyahoodiediedie, yahooarescum, filthyyahooscum (which I thought sounded a bit like self-criticism but which Nicki suggested) and any permutation of yahoo and sucks...


Nope, I'm not kidding;-)

So yeah, has this harmed my experience of Flickr, has it impacted our network of one? Well, yes it has. Am I going to stop using Flickr? No. Am I going to stop fantasising about Katerina? Well, probably not but I'm gonna try, dammit. In any case, while I was regressing to the state of a vindictive six-year-old, I finally managed to find a yahoo id that wasn't taken:


This rant inspired by Digital Mavericks: Opal Fruits, Marathon, Jif, now Flickr - Grrrrr! via Technorati.

More on Flickr

Rob Ferrara isn't 100% in agreement re Flickr. His point is that the free account doesn't give him enough of an incentive to upgrade.

On reflection I agree. Apart from the previously mentioned web2.0-ness of it all (api, sharing etc) the other thing I love is the offer of at least theoretically infinite image hosting. There are no idiotic limits apart from a bandwidth choke but to give you an idea, I've never gone over 2% consumption of my allowance.

I think if Rob leaves a comment to clarify his reasons for not upgrading I shall offer him a pro account as a Christmas gift :-)

Sharing value


(Photo: CLF Falby by David Hockney)

So I've just finished a user experience consultancy gig with a major mobile network operator based in France. It's an interesting project which I'll be picking up again in the new year. I've been working alongside product owners (ie individuals who are assigned with owning the business of a part of a website or service) and have been factoring their business objectives into the objectives versus needs process. Having just spent ten months working through the objectives of a UK network operator it was interesting to see the different approaches to the business. I can't really go into any details, but one of the key differences is that the French team have managed to build a business treating their products as containing inherent value. For example, the French customers are apparently happy to pay extra to add services to their account which the English would have added to the service for free in the interest of building a better experience, getting closer to the consumer and starting to build the bonds of trust that are a key component of the d.a.r.t approach.

I was reminded of all this when I rediscovered the fd's Flickr toys page. The tools (and many, many, other wonderful ones elsewhere) are built thanks to the public Flickr api. The tools let users discover value in their photographs beyond what the camera or the storage/sharing/hosting service can offer. The fd page is such a great example of what happens when openness and collaboration build on an already great service.

Note to mobile network operators everywhere: I get so much value out of my interaction with Flickr I would gladly pay triple what I pay today for my account.

I've no ideas what this is


But the photo is geotagged so if you follow the map to the store you can let me know what it's all about?

While you're there, scroll over to Battersea power station--the satellite photographs are amazing and there are almost 200 shots taken from in front of the building.