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Vorpin and Aphrodite

Vorpin and Aphrodite

Welcome Venus Flytraps, meet Vorpin and Aphrodite. Extra credit for identifying which child named which flytrap. And yes, Hal is determined to stuff as many bugs as possible in there.

Clémentine la creatrice de mode

Creatrice de mode

CLF has been busy blocking out her Halloween costume. I'm a bit amazed, she drew the hat, the skirt and the cape and is now working with her nanny to make the costume. I've seen an early attempt and it looks just like her drawings... Of course I quite like the idea of her in the RAF air cadets but I guess dads don't get everything they wish for ;-)

CLF's first bike ride


Well, actually her first go on the GS was a couple of years ago in a Paddington car-park but today we got her into some jeans and strapped Nicki's old helmet on. We didn't go far as the fun-fair was only a few streets away but she kept her feet on the pegs and held on like a trouper.

Not something I'd want to do again before getting her a proper CLF-sized helmet but it's great having the other travel option available.

That, and her driving doggems for the first time and hopefully she's had an interesting evening:-)

CLF's first powerpoint

Helping CLF with her homework. The brief was "what would you do" and the required media was "any" which I felt was vague and demanding for a 5-year-old.

Undaunted, CLF wanted to make a film but I had to point out this was going to be a little challenging given the time we had. We ended up with a Keynote file. She made the time machine slide herself and did all the thinking. The words are all hers. My contribution was to suggest a structure and be her dtp operator:-)

The cool bit was watching her work out what was needed both to make her machine (lots of levers) and to actually get to Laura's place. It took a couple of minutes but she eventually worked out she needed to know both a place and a date (the date is spoken to the time machine using the on-board microphone and the map of Wisconsin is included above the catering tray).

Well, I didn't have the camera with me but this morning we put the pedals on the bicycle and CLF pedaled away. She can ride a bike, yay!

It's great, actually, because I've been feeling a bit like I've been letting the side down in the parenting department. All the travel to France and the doing second projects on weekends means I haven't been able to spend as much time with CLF and Hal as I'd like to. So knowing she can swim a length of the pool no problem and ride a bike makes me feel a bit like I've helped some:-)

CLF, il s'est passé quelque chose d'abominable aujourd'hui. Je te l'indique ici pour quand tu reliras ces pages, tu t'en souviendras peut etre...



So tomorrow morning little CLF is going to wake up and be five years old. Forgive the cliché but darn she got big quick... We're at Rebecca and Tim's place near Perpignan (strangely correctly identified on the N95's GPS system) and Jed has just set up a follow-the-string treasure hunt for tomorrow morning.