More interest in the BT forums

More interest in the BT forums

BT orb logo graphicI seem to have inherited, largely by accident, a largeish contribution pool of disgruntled BT customers. Many of them comment with the phone strapped to their right ear, commenting on how many hours they spent on the phone to Mumbai or how many days they had been waiting for the callback that never came…

Anyhoo, got a couple of comments recently from Hannah, a television production company researcher who must have searched for blog posts by angry ex BT employees. We’ve got a couple of them here, so I guess they must have showed up in google (try this search as an example)

One such employee is Shelley who writes:

I work for BT and even i am disgusted by them. They have the monopoly and basically don’t give a f*ck about their customers. I get customers screaming at me and crying down the phone with problem after problem day after day, but BT don’t give us, the call agents, the resources or authorisation to help them.

Well, I am sooooo curious about the film. I think all of those suffering consumers could do with getting some answers and nothing like a little naming and shaming along with a healthy dose of transparency to get a dinosaur moving.

I’ve asked Hannah for some info so will post if I get a reply…