Beware Daktari;-)

Beware Daktari;-)

Some wee health risks for those of you trying Safari use with caution…

I had major problems with Illustrator on my workstation yesterday (screenbuffer/mouse/drag manager type problems) making Illustrator almost unusable (as I struggled to get ready for a three p.m. client meeting grrrr…)

Then in the mail this morning I get the following:

I can duplicate this problem without too much effort. If Safari goes to site a that seems to overtax it, it shuts down, but takes with it part of the Quartz Engine, including most 2D rendering with exception to the windowing environment of Aqua. Anything that pulls resources directly from the Quartz rendering engine will most likely have lost most of its abilities.
All it takes is one site and you lose the ability to save any of your documents in Illustrator / Photoshop / Flash MX / InDesign.

So there you go…