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On Mon,/08/12, 2002 at 01:30:20PM, dug falby wrote:

> I have watched 24 right from the start, never missing
> an episode (in fact last night’s was the first one I
> haven’t watched). At first I had high hopes - a talented
> cast with interesting newcomers, a complex conspiracy
> at the highest levels (because all the good ones are)
> exotic art direction and a novel narrative structure.
> My popcorn was ready.

OK 8) Shame on me for jumping to conclusions based on a single weblog entry!

> Over time, none of the characters have deepened.
> Senator Palmer’s wife was Lady Macbeth from the
> get-go and continues to tow that line without surprises.
> Teri was always going to be an interesting part - a
> woman torn between the search for her own happiness,
> the responsibility of supporting her family and her
> destructive relationship with her desirable but dangerous
> husband. Imagine Isabel Huppert or Gina McKee playing the
> part, their performance would hurt and delight at the
> same time…
> Of course this brings me back to my original point that
> the writing is poor. In the case of Leslie Hope (Teri
> Bauer) I really wonder if she could do much better
> (I understand she’s also a director - perhaps a
> better avenue for her talents?).

To be honest, I mostly agree with you… But for me, it’s always been a high-octane thriller rather than something deep and meaningful. Eye candy, brain-switched off entertainment. Yes, a lot more could have been done with it, and it’s possibly a shame that it wasn’t, but that doesn’t really diminish that much from what it actually is…

> Without yacking on too much, I tried to enjoy the show
> on several levels. Nice looking Apple computers, the sexy
> Nina, lots of interesting hardware and some nasty Balkan
> bad boys should have made an experience at least as fun
> as playing a video game? Every time I thought I was
> getting into it, some absolutely ridiculous plot twist
> would yank my disbelief out of suspension.

But the preposterousness of the series is part of the fun… Some of it I agree goes a bit too far (that whole memory-loss thing for one) but on the whole it knows what it is and sticks with it.

I imagine that much of the inconsistancy was more due to the fact that the original series only had nine episodes commissioned (I forget the exact number, but it was up to the point where Bauer rescued his family)… Not an excuse, I know, but something that might be fixed in the next series.

> For instance, “that’s impossible” cut to Denis Hopper
> staring into cctv camera (shudder) - two minutes later
> he opens his mouth “ahah! I yam zee evill mann” unbeleivebly
> cheesy accent! Nobody listened to Sean Conery who pointed
> out that he never did accents - he’s far more
> effective as himself. A case in point with Denis
> Hopper, who could forget the chilling “Suave, man.
> You’re so fuckin’ suave.”? In fact, comparing Frank
> Booth and Victor Drazen (is that how you spell it)
> really points out the different tension levels
> - I’d be happy for a six-year-old to watch 24,
> but Blue Velvet? I think I’d make it over 21 only:-)

Yep, I’d agree with you on that. 8)

> Ok, so now I am yacking… just a couple more questions:
> Who were the gunmen that killed Jack’s boss in the hotel
> car park working for? I’m going to watch the last episode
> where I hope this will be explained. How bad could the
> conspiracy be? We’ve already implicated senior
> democratic party personnel… Ok, so running for president
> in the US is a dangerous, high stakes game - I think we
> knew that, but why involve some minor central European
> bad guy when the meaty stuff is right there at home
> in Washington?
> I’m hoping Nina is the mole and that Jamie didn’t kill
> herself but was ‘helped along’ by her. Guess I’ll have
> to watch the last episode after all;-)

If only you’d watched to the end of the episode… ;)


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